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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Snowmobile Enforcement



Between February 19th and February 23rd, the Windham County Sheriff's Office Snowmobile Enforcement Team conducted four days of safety inspections between Windham, Grafton and Stratton. During those four days deputies completed inspections on 132 snowmobiles. Deputies issued 2 tickets to operators who did not purchase the required Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA) passes to access the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) maintained trail system. Several warnings for defective equipment were issued as well. Deputies also observed 64 other snowmobiles that had previously been inspected by law enforcement during the 2017 snowmobile season. A reminder to those who are riding on VAST trails that your snowmobile is registered, insured, be in good working order, and be registered with VAST by purchasing a TMA. More information can be found online at